Lotus reveal the Emeya, its first Hyper-GT to rival the Porsche Taycan

Lotus's new electric saloon will give the Porsche Taycan a run for its money!

British performance and luxury car manufacture, Lotus have unveiled its third all-new Lotus model following the Emira sports car and the Eletre SUV.

The Emeya takes inspiration from the Eletre when it comes to design, except the Emeya has a sleeker, smaller profile than its SUV sibling.

It boasts 892bhp, 726lb ft, 0-62mph in 2.78 seconds and 159mph top speed from a dual-motor AWD system and a 102kWh battery. The Emeya's adaptive air suspension and active aerodynamics help it achieve such performance.

The Emeya features a large touchscreen and a KEF stereo and seats made from carbon fibre, Alcantara and leather just like the Eletre.

But the most impressive and exciting thing about the Emeya is the addition of a 55in projected Augmented Reality head-up display. This heads-up display would stretch across the entire windscreen as apposed to just the driver's side. Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology found in many consumer technology products such as Apple's Vision Pro and Microsoft's Hololens. It combines virtual reality with the real word. I imagine this display would show information such as miles per hour, satellite navigation directions and everything else one would expect. Why it spans 55 inches remains a mystery.

You can reserve an Emeya now and deliveries and prices are expected sometime next year.

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