Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics:

Selling your car to us couldn’t be easier!

  • Step 1: Simply search for your car registration in the box on the home page and fill in a few details about your car.
  • Step 2: We call you to discuss your valuation and book a suitable time to inspect the car.
  • Step 3: We value your car at your office or your home and make you an offer. No need to travel anywhere! And the money is paid into your bank account there and then.
  • We buy any car with a prestige marque
  • We have 20 years experience of buying prestige cars
  • No need to take your car anywhere, we’ll come to you
  • We will instantly transfer the agreed offer amount into your account following inspection – with no transaction limits

Yes we will! Simply put your registration into the registration lookup and fill out the for. If we can’t find your car on our system, just enter the details manually.

The simple answer is yes but our requirements for information may differ. Please call us on 01432 805216 to discuss.

Simply search for your car registration on the homepage and fill in a few details about yourself and your car. We call you to discuss your vehicle and make an initial valuation. If you then wish to proceed we will book an appointment to visit you. Having inspected your car at your office or your home, we will confirm our offer. No need to travel anywhere! And the money is paid into your bank account there and then.

Trade offer: This refers to the amount of money a dealer or car buying service such as We Buy Any Car, Motorway or us is willing to pay you for your car. Typically, the trade offer is lower than the private sale price or retail value because dealers need to make a profit when reselling the car. However, a dealer may offer more than a typical trade offer if you're trading it in for another vehicle. A trade offer is generally a quick and easy way to sell a car, but you may not get as much money as you would through a private sale. 

Private sale price: This refers to the price you can expect to get for your car if you sell it to a private party. The private sale price is typically higher than the trade offer because you're selling directly to the buyer and cutting out the middleman. The private sale price can vary depending on the condition of the car, its age, mileage, and other factors. To determine a fair price, you can check similar cars' prices on online marketplaces or get a valuation from a car appraiser. While you may get more selling privately, selling a car privately can take a while, in fact Autotrader suggests that selling a car privately takes 25-45 days on average. It is also becoming a less popular choice as car values have increased thus making buying a car on finance a more common option, which is typically done with a dealer. 

Retail value: This refers to the price a dealership would charge a customer for your car if they were to sell it on their lot. The retail value is generally the highest of the three prices because dealerships need to make a profit. It's essential to keep in mind that the retail value is not the price you'll get if you sell your car to the dealer or a car buying service, but rather an indication of what the car is worth on the market.

We prefer accurate descriptions as it helps us to give you an accurate valuation over the phone and will save you time during our inspection. If you don’t make us aware of the true condition of the car, or if there’s anything you’ve missed, we will point out any relevant items and discuss revisions to our offer accordingly.

We will if you have provided an accurate description of the car. All final offers are subject to inspection.

Two forms of ID:

  • 1 x photo ID (passport or driving license)
  • 1 x proof of address (Utility bill or council tax dated in the last 90 days)
  • Both sets of keys: Having one set of may mean we offer you less for your car
  • Service history and MOT certificates
  • Details of the registered owners bank account
  • V5 registration certificate in the name of the current owner.
  • A letter from the finance company stating the settlement figure (if there is outstanding finance on the car).


Yes. You will need the following:

  • A driving license or passport of the person selling the car
  • All sets of available car keys
  • Letter signed from the company director giving authorisation for that person to sell on their behalf
  • All available service history and MOT certificates
  • One form of identification for the business address e.g. letterhead
  • V5 registration certificate in the company’s name and address

Yes. If our registration lookup doesn’t populate the details, please fill in the information manually.


We pay the money directly into your bank account, via faster payments. We always ensure you have cleared funds before we take the car away.

Yes we will. We’ll need a letter or email from the finance company stating the settlement figure. If the car’s value is less than the settlement figure, we can settle the finance when we’re with you and the car (as long as you pay us the balance between our offer and the outstanding finance).