4 Tips for preparing your car for sale

Want to get the most for your car? Here's four things we recommend you do before selling it.

Tip One: Give your car a thorough clean.

Make your car look presentable by giving it a thorough clean or have it cleaned professionally. Potential buyers will want to see the car's true condition and dirt can be mistaken for scuffs and scratches thus making the car's condition look much worse that it is.

Tip Two: Have scuffs, bumps, and scratches removed.

Scuffed car before and after. Image credit: mingshine.com

Whilst getting these things removed or repaired can be costly, you'll certainly get more for your car if you have them removed, potentially several hundred pounds more.

Tip Three: Take good quality photos of your car.

Take clear photos of all sides of the car in decent lighting and try to get the whole car in the frame. Here's some examples of good and bad photos:

Tip Four: Make sure your car has had its Service and MOT.

Gather all of the paperwork relating to the car's MOT and Service and make sure it is up to date. People will offer less for your car if it has missing Service or MOT history.

Let us know what tips you have in the comments below.

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