Tips on taking the best photos of your car

Good quality photos can really help sell a car. In this simple guide, we'll show you how to take the right photos that show your car looking its best.

Quick tips

  • Make sure the whole car fits the camera frame (it's easier to get the whole car in landscape)
  • Take photos in good lighting 
  • Make sure the car is reasonably clean. It doesn't have to be spotless, just clean enough that potential buyers can see it in its natural state i.e., don't leave rubbish inside.

Good vs Bad photos

Here are some examples of good vs poor quality photos.

Check them out below.

This is an example of a bad photo as the front and back of the car has been cropped out. 

This side shot is perfect as the whole car is in the frame.

Types of photos

At Sell Your Prestige Car, we send the photos you provide of your vehicle to our wide network of prestige car dealers to achieve the best deal for you.

Here are all the different types of photos potential buyers will want to see.

Front view
Rear view
Front angle
Rear angle
Passenger side
Driver's side
Left front wheel
Left rear wheel
Right front wheel
Right rear wheel
Interior Driver's Side
Interior Passenger Side
Rear seats

It's also worth taking some photos of any damage or age-related deterioration.

How to submit photos

Photos can be sent via email or WhatsApp to one of the sales team. 



WhatsApp: 07490 778141



WhatsApp: 07423 702159

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