Aston Martin DB12 Volante Revealed!

Aston Martin have released a 202 Mph Convertible version of the powerful DB12

Aston Martin has unveiled the Volante edition of the DB12. This luxurious open-top super tourer is the ultimate car for those who demand the best in performance, style, and comfort. With its powerful V8 engine capable of producing 671 brake-horsepower, a top speed of 202mph and an accelerating speed of 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds. This makes the DB12 Volante one of the most powerful convertibles on the market today. But it's not just about speed and power, the DB12 Volante is also packed with advanced features such as adaptive suspension.

The exterior is nothing short of stunning, just like its Coupé sibling with a dramatic front grille, standard 21-inch forged alloy wheels fitted with bespoke Michelin tyres, the same choice of body colours and everything else the DB12 features, except the Volante includes a fabric roof that can retract in as little as 14 seconds at a speed of 31mph.

Inside, the driver and passengers will experience high-end materials and the latest technology, including a Bang & Olufsen sound system and the new infotainment screen found in the Coupé that does away with the rather dated "leather bezel screen" found in other Aston Martin models such as the DBS or Vantage range.

 The first deliveries of the DB12 Volante are scheduled to begin during Q4 2023.

The DB12 Volante is truly the complete package and a must-have for anyone who appreciates unparalleled luxury and performance...and has at least £200,000 in their bank account.

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