Update to Tesla's software allows drivers to play Steam games and join Zoom calls

Tesla's 'Holiday Update' brings big features to Model S & X cars.
Image Credit - Pierre-Loup Griffais on Twitter

A new update to the infotainment systems in Tesla Model S and Model X cars adds Apple Music, Zoom and Steam, so drivers can listen to music from Apple Music, join and make Zoom calls and stream thousands of games like Grand Theft Auto V and Cyberpunk 2077. 

The 'Holiday Update' is limited to "newer" Tesla Model S and Model Xs that have AMD RDNA 2 GPUs with 16gb memory powering the infotainments systems. 

Image: Tesla

This is the same GPU found in a PlayStation 5, which allow the Model S and X to play games that demand a lot of processing power.

Games can be played using an Xbox or PlayStation controller, but only while the car is stationary.

Tesla has previously been under investigation from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over the safety of its "Passenger Play" feature.

Check out Telsa's video game streaming demo video below.

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