MINI reveals its Aceman concept car

The Aceman is expected in 2024

Mini has revealed a new concept car expected to be in production by 2024 called Aceman.

It has a new futuristic design featuring neon lighting around the grille and a "Matrix LED structure" in the grille itself.

As you approach the car, a "cloud of light" is projected onto the ground and will follow you and get brighter the closer you get.

The interior is just as wacky as the exterior. The dashboard has a very minimalist surfboard-like design that MINI says "serves as a stage for animated background images which are accompanied by curated sounds and projected onto the dashboard." Mini also says this car will be its first car with an interior free of chrome and leather.

Infront of the dashboard is a circular organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen that resembles a giant smartwatch and will be powered by the latest Mini operating system, based on Open Source Android software, however it is expected to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It'll be interesting to see how these systems will look and work on circular screen and a dashboard projection. 

Below is a row of switches for adjusting the air con temperature, music volume and changing gears and drive modes.

The Aceman is 4.05 metres in length, just 15cm less than a Nissan Juke. 

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