Lego releases a Classic Land Rover Defender 90 to mark Land Rover's 75th Anniversary

To congratulate Land Rover on it's 75th Anniversary, Lego have revealed a Lego version of the Land Rover Defender 90 that was produced from 1983-2016

Lego have revealed a stunning model of a classic Land Rover Defender 90, to celebrate the British car manufacturer's 75th Anniversary.

The model consists of 2,366 pieces and builders have two customisation options. You could build the plainer factory variant, or equip it with a roof rack, toolbox, shovel, pickaxe, a snorkel, sand ladders, and a winch.

It features a working steering wheel, opening and closing doors, a bonnet that can also be opened and closed.

Lego drove a real 'Lego Store' Land Rover Defender 90 to the Scottish Highlands, to promote the promote the new set.

Image: Lego

The Classic Land Rover Defender 90 isn't the only vehicle that has a Lego version. Lego also offer other iconic cars, such as a Classic Porsche 911, a modern Defender, the DeLorean from the Back to The Future franchise, and of course Aston Martin models, like the set we recently gave away.

The Lego Land Rover Defender 90 is due to be released next month and will cost a whopping £209.99!

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