Ferrari reveal the 2023 Roma Spider

Ferrari has brought back the soft-top version of it's luxury grand tourer

Italian supercar maker, Ferrari have revealed this years version of its soft-top luxury Roma grand touring car.

Shown to an exclusive group of Ferrari customers at El Badi Palace in Marrakesh, the 2023 Ferrari Roma Spider packs some neat upgrades, such as a soft-top roof that can open and close in thirteen and a half seconds when travelling at nearly forty miles an hour. It also has the same active rear wing as the coupé, that deploys automatically in three stages.

The Ferrari Roma Spider is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 3.9 litre V8 petrol engine with 620hp, 561lb of torque, capable of reaching 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, and producing a top speed of 199mph, which is the same performance as the hardtop.

Inside you'll find a 8.4 inch, vertical infotainment screen, leather and Alcantara seats, and a steering wheel, featuring touch sensitive controls, and an all-digital driver's instrument that sits behind the wheel. Below the screen sits a selector for the 8-speed, duel clutch meant to mirror the layout from older manual Ferraris.

Ferrari have yet to reveal the price of the new Roma Spider, however motoring journalists believe that it'll be pricier than the £170,000 coupé model, and suggest it'll be more like £200,000.

The Roma Spider is set to be released sometime in the forth quarter of 2023, however buyers in the UK and other right-hand drive countries may have to wait longer.

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