Electric vehicles now cost MORE to run than petrol vehicles

Electric cars were once seen as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol vehicles. However, recent reports suggest that running an electric car may actually be more expensive than driving a traditional gas-guzzler. The rising cost of electricity has led to recharging at public points costing nearly £50, making it more expensive than using petrol. The UK's major recharging networks, operated by BP and Shell, charge 79p and 85p per kWh respectively, significantly higher than the 44.55p per kWh rate in May 2022. In comparison, the price of petrol has dropped to around 144p per litre, making it more affordable to fill up a typical car. As a result, the cost per mile for the electric Volkswagen ID.3 is 21.43p compared to 13.03p for Volkswagen's petrol equivalent the Golf 1.5L, according to The Sun.

The higher running costs of electric cars have prompted calls for the UK government to reduce the value-added tax (VAT) on public chargers from 20% to 5% to match the rate applied to domestic electricity. This would make charging more affordable and help alleviate the financial burden for electric vehicle owners. However, the issue of running costs is partly mitigated for those who can charge their cars at home, as the costs are significantly lower. Unfortunately, this option is only available to those with a driveway and the ability to install a home charger.

In addition to the cost concerns, the weight of electric vehicles poses another problem. Due to their large batteries, electric cars are usually more than twice as heavy as conventional cars. This additional weight is a potential cause for concern as it could contribute to the deterioration of road surfaces and an increase in potholes. The Asphalt Industry Alliance, an organization focused on road-building, has highlighted this issue, suggesting that the heavy electric vehicles could have a negative impact on the condition of the UK's roads.

Renowned actor Rowan Atkinson, best known for his portrayal of Mr. Bean, recently expressed his disappointment with electric cars in an interview. He claimed to feel "duped" after buying an electric vehicle, stating that upon closer examination, electric motoring does not appear to be the environmental solution it is often hailed as.

Overall, the cost implications and potential road damage associated with electric vehicles have raised concerns about the viability and true environmental impact of electric cars in the UK.

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