DeLorean Motor Company is back with an all-new electric car

The maker of the iconic Time Machine from the Back To The Future franchise makes a comeback with an EV version of the famous car.
Teaser for DeLorean's new car. Image by: DeLorean Motor Company

The Texas based manufacturer announced their return to building cars in a tweet, stating the following: "You asked. We listened. We're counting down to the first complete look of the all-new DeLorean. Sign up for exclusive early access on to see the car 24 hours before the general public on May 31st. #DeloreanEVolved". 

Countdown for early access on DeLorean's website. Image by: DeLorean Motor Company

The company plans to show its new car at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2022 automotive show on August 21st .

Whilst being a completely new design, the 2022 edition will feature many of the design elements of the original model seen in Back To The Future, such as the gullwing doors and the same silver paintwork.

DeLorean teased the return of the iconic DMC-12 last year with a poster by Italdesign:

Poster by Italdesign.

The company also published a teaser trailer, titled: 'New Day New Energy' on YouTube:

Are you looking forward to the new DeLorean?

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