Cazoo ends customers' car subscriptions early

Cazoo are terminating subscriptions due to their 'economic situation'

Online car retailer Cazoo have notified customers this week that their car subscriptions will end in 90 days, due to Cazoo's 'econimic situation'. Some of these customers were on contracts that weren't due to end for another year or so.

Customers now have two choices: return their car to a Cazoo customer centre (many of which are due to close) or have it collected in which case they would have to pay a collection fee. 

Former Top Gear producer, Anthony Baxter tweeted a screenshot of the email he recieved from Cazoo about the termination of his 3 year subscription contract that started over a year ago.

13 months ago, I took out a 3 YEAR 'subscription' on a car from @CazooUK. Now I've received an email, telling me I have to hand the car back in 3 months. Can consumers challenge this? - Anthony Baxter.

Below is the aforementioned screenshot of Mr. Baxter's email:

Cazoo stated that they're sending 150 emails a day to inform customers that their subscriptions are coming to an end.

Thousands of Cazoo's staff are due to be made redundant as it prepares to shut its prep and handover centres. Cazoo will announce which centres will close on 4th March.

The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading in Cazoo warrents back in January 2023.

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