Surprising statistic shows convertible cars are more popular in Britain than in its warmer European counterparts.

Surprising statistic shows more convertibles are sold in Britain than in warmer European climates, such as Spain.
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Citroen UK claims that convertible cars are actually more popular in the UK than they are in the rest of Europe, despite Britain's rainy climate.

According to the French car manufacturer, the UK is the second largest convertible cars per head of population anywhere in the world. 

An article published by the Independent in 2003 claimed that Brits buy around 60,000 soft-top convertibles a year, which is ten times higher than Spain and only dropped to around 42,000 in 2019, which remains much higher than Spain by about eight times. 

Some believe the reason for this is simple, Brits will go to great lengths to savour any bit of sunshine they get, even if that means splashing out on a new car. The Spanish on the other hand don't feel as lucky when the temperature rises to levels suitable for sunbathing.

The MINI Convertible and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet, the BMW 4 Series are just a few of the best selling convertibles in Britain.  

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