Aston Martin debuts limited-run Valour

Aston Martin celebrate its 110th birthday with this limited production V12 supercar

Aston Martin has unveiled the Valour, a limited-run supercar to celebrate the manufacture's 110th Anniversary.

Fitted with a 5.2-litre, 705bhp V12 engine and a manual gearbox, this car is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship and driving pleasure.

The Valour's striking design has been inspired by the classic Aston Martin DBS V8 and the 1970s RHAM/1 prototype racer – known as ‘The Muncher’, with dramatic lines and an aggressive stance that exude confidence.

This car is certainly not for the faint-hearted, with its impressive engine output enabling it to reach a top speed of 210mph, and accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds. The Valour also comes with a host of electronic aids to ensure maximum grip and control.

The Valour also features Aston's 21in 'honeycomb' alloy wheels - a design shared with the Victor and DBS 770.

The body is clad in carbon fibre and aluminium. The bonnet features a sizable vent for the twin-turbocharged V12 to breathe through and it has a triple tailpipe exhaust system that emits a boisterous roar.

The cockpit is equally impressive, with sports seats and a leather-trimmed interior that exudes luxury. At the centre you'll find a six-speed manual gearbox that is sure to appeal to petrolheads who value an engaging and dynamic driving experience.

Though the Valour has been created with the discerning driver in mind, it also embodies Aston Martin's commitment to innovation and high-performance engineering. With its combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology, the Valour is sure to be a hit with car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Just 110 examples of the Valour will be sold - one for every year of Aston Martin's existence of course. To get your hands on a Valour, you'll have to fork out a whopping £1 million - £1.5 million and you will have to be invited through Aston Martin's Q bespoke service.

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