Apple plans to launch its long-awaited Apple Car in 2026, according to new rumours

The first model will not feature self-driving capabilities, and is said to cost less that £100,000

The Californian Tech Giant is set to release its car in 2026, after years of rumours, according to recent reports. However, contrary to previous speculation, the Apple Car will not be fully self-driving and will have a traditional steering wheel and pedals. The good news is that it will cost consumers less than £100,000. Previous rumours suggested it will be priced at around £120,000, less than £100k would put the Apple Car in the same price region as a Tesla Model S, which are priced at around £80,000 - £90,000.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is thought to be spending $1 billion annually on the development of the Apple Car. The company has also hired some high-profile people in the automotive industry, including Luigi Taraborrelli, a 20 year Lamborghini veteren who was responsible for overseeing the chassis development at the supercar maker, and safety engineering expert Desi Ujkashevic, who worked at Ford for over thirty years.

Apple Car concept. Image: MacRumors

It is also rumoured that the Apple Car will feature Apple's own microchips, similar to the A Series and M Series chips that provide processing power to iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and Macs.

An Apple M2 processor. Image: CPU Ninga

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