2025 Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid revealed

The new plug-in hybrid ranger will be Ford’s first hybrid pickup in the UK

The Ford Ranger PHEV (which stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) has been unveiled as the UK's first plug-in hybrid pick-up truck. It is designed to cater to small- and medium-sized business owners, offering a range of chassis and technology upgrades, an impressive EV-only range, and enhanced performance.

The Ford Ranger PHEV boasts several notable features that make it an attractive option for potential buyers. It offers the highest torque figure of any Ranger model, ensuring robust performance on and off the road. The truck retains the same one-tonne payload and 3.5-tonne towing capacity as its combustion-powered counterpart. Power is derived from a 2.3-litre Ecoboost four-cylinder petrol engine, which is supplemented by a relatively large electric motor. The electric motor provides an estimated electric-only range of over 27 miles.

It also offers four driving modes to suit different driving conditions and preferences. The EV Auto mode intelligently switches between electric and combustion power based on demand. EV Now mode allows for pure electric driving, while EV Later mode prioritizes the use of the combustion engine to conserve battery charge. Lastly, EV Charge mode utilizes part of the engine as a generator to charge the battery while on the move.

The Ford Ranger PHEV is set to release in the UK sometime in 2025 and we can expect prices to be published when we get a release date.

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